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Choosing a new  .GOV.UK domain name

Choosing a new domain name

Prior to choosing ensure your organisation is eligible here.

Choosing a short name is important - often abbreviations are accepted where the initials are a known brand such as "HSE.gov.uk" (Health and Safety Executive), otherwise the full name will need to be used which is fine for a department like the "Met Office" which uses "metoffice.gov.uk".  However, if your department has a long name then it will get tiresome to enter email addresses or trying to tell someone your website address on the telephone.

In all cases the organisation must fulfill the eligibility rules for .gov.uk domains - ensure this is taken into account before and during selection of your new name.

A good start is to look at the current list of existing domain names which can be found at:

If marked as "Exempt from transition" this means the domain will not be decommissioned and moved to the central .GOV.UK website.

Check if a new name is available here.


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